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1956 - 1966
1956 - 1966
Early Work, 1956 - 1962
early work
I experimented making sculpture using various methods including soldered brass and later casting from clay to plaster into cement-fondu and aluminium. 'Sentinel' was exhibited in the London Group Exhibition, 1958-59. Early brass pieces were shown in 'Construction England' in Drian Gallery, 1961. The images invariably leant towards figurative symbolism rather than purely abstract form. A final series of modelled sculptures were based upon the shapes of various types of hammers. One entitled 'Head' and cast in cement-fondu led on to the construction of a series of works in iron inspired by medieval war helmets.
Laurence Burt - Vertical Wall, 1958
Vertical Wall, 1958
Laurence Burt - Sentinel, 1959
Sentinel, 1959
Laurence Burt - Head, 1962
Head, 1962
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